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Plug and Play Dahlert Water Purifier with Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filter system

Drinking enough water is important for the human body. It is essential to keeping ourselves healthy. However, not all drinking water is the same. Whether the water is from the tap, or has been through water filter jugs, or even bottled mineral water, there is still a high chance that the water quality is low, consists of impurities and contaminants that can harm your body. They may also make the water taste weird

Why do you need a Dahlert Water Purifier?

Tap water is not drinkable in many countries due to the lack of filtration that leads to harmful contaminants getting into the drinking water.
Even if the tap water is guaranteed to be drinkable, think about the old water pipes it’s coming from that contains harmful materials and bacteria. Not to mention the amount of chlorine that may be used during the purification process before it becomes tap water. Boiling water is effective in killing bacteria, but too often doesn’t get rid of the heavy metals, which tend to give the water an iron taste.

All-in-One Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filter

Our innovative Five-Stage RO filter purifier, with more than 100 patent applications, can remove bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, etc.
The Water Filter is proven to remove particles and contaminants with sizes of 0.001-0.0001 μm.
Thanks to the desalinization rate which is higher than 90% plus the active coal filter, the water you drink from our Water Filter is not only clean and safe, but it will also be fresh-tasting.
Better tasting water suitable for drinking for everybody. Pure water, Pure life.

Installation Free
(Plug and Play)

The water purifier stands alone with no need to have it connected to the water tap.
Separated tap water tank and waste water tank keeps the water clean.

Easy Cleaning

Uncomplicated design with a simple to remove water supply tank for easier cleaning.

Three Water Temperatures

The water filter is designed to make your life easy. With 3 built-in temperatures to choose from:
  • Hot water (85 °C~) : For tea, coffee, instant noodles.
  • Warm water (40-45 °C): powdered milk, baby food, and formula.
  • Ambient water – room temperature

No more heavy water bottle

Reduce your burden from carrying heavy bottled water up and down the stairs whenever you do your shopping.
Dahlert water dispenser comes with a built-in capacity of 3L, which fulfills the minimum amount of drinking water required to keep the body healthy. Simply fill the water source from the tap in your kitchen and let the pour-through filtration system purify the water.

Think Environment

The Dahlert purifier and filter cartridge are made from BPA-free materials, making the product environment friendly. Plus, using the water filter will reduce the usage of not eco-friendly plastic bottles.

Compact size for small kitchens

With the size of only 245mm x 245mm x 435mm (L x W x H), Dahlert water purifier can be stored or placed anywhere without taking so much space. The water filter is also light in weight, making it easy to be moved around.

Save your money in the long term

Sure you are asking yourself “why should I invest in Dahlert water purifier?”.

After 1~2 years of using the water purifier, you will save much more.

Here is an illustration:

If you drink 3 liters of mineral water per day, it costs about 2 Euro/Day which is more than 700 Euro/year.

And this is the cost that you pay for bottled mineral water that you have to carry from the supermarket and contributes to the usage of around 700 plastic bottles a year.

With the Dahlert water purifier, you don’t simply invest in better drinking water, you invest in a healthier lifestyle.

No maintenance service cost

It takes only 5 Seconds to replace the all-in-one filter cartridge by yourself without the need of any tools. Simply remove the water tank and pull the filter cartridge out and swap it with the new one.

Although it is already designed to be easy to use, we want you to save more time and money. The filter only needs to be replaced ONCE per year, in comparison to the water filter jugs that usually need at least 8 cartridges changed per year.

Save money, save time, save the environment with less plastic usage.